Bird Control

Birds are wonderful species that cannot be separated from human habitat, however birds can also transfer harmful diseases such as Avian flu and SARS.- Contamination and damage on facilities due to excrement of birds - really extreme in some cases and we’ve seen some horrifying places- Damage of crops - Some farmers due to economic losses just tries to shoot the birds and we think that is no way to treat our beautiful species. It is just inhumane to do so.Incumbent methods of bird control.- Scare crows, reflective mirrors, sonic equipment, spiking, netting, trapping gels.- We all know 99% of the time the only real method that works is complete netting, and guess what, that is expensive and it looks like we are caged in the net it self. Many net installers are inexperienced and they do a poor job of installing the nets ,thus the bird always sneak into the net, birds builds nests on the spikes. 
So we came up with Bird Free, which any one can really easily install, thus it is economical and since it is toxic free it is safe and does not harm anyone. The most important fact is that this is like no other bird aversion system in the world, and we have many testimonials from all over the world by bird specialists that this is like no other aversion system our there.

Birds are among the most difficult pests to control. So, to ensure effective deterrence, we often recommend using a combination of our products for greater control, effect and results. This is because each product affects different bird pests differently, while bringing about species-specific outcomes. Certain products are also best used in specific situations.
This bird repellent is a safe, transparent compound that can be easily applied to places where birds roost. Bird repellent contains polybutene (polybutadiene) which is used in chewing gum, surgical bandages and lipstick, so it is safe to handle.
Effective in repelling pigeons, starlings, house sparrows, The Birds does not bring harm to birds but merely makes roosting uncomfortable owing to its solid consistency.
By nature, birds tend to roost in the same places repeatedly. After using 4 The Birds, birds will be compelled to leave for new locations.  
Bird Spike is a patented, readily assembled anti-roosting system designed to keep medium to large birds off building.

It is designed for use in heavily infested areas.

The angled wires increase the effectiveness of the system and eliminate the need for multiple rows on wide ledges.  
The Bird Netting is made of multi-lock high -quality polyethylene with tough monofilament. In addition, the Bird Netting is treated with ultra-violet stabilizer and anti-oxygen to ensure long-term durability.
This system has no sharp or pointed features, so is totally humane to the birds. It is particularly suited for use in areas where children may have access.


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