Mosquitoes Control

We mostly regard mosquitoes as pests, but it is interesting to note that only the females of the specie suck blood, whereas the males are no annoyance to humans as they only feed on the nectar of flowers.
The female mosquitoes are capable of transmitting diseases like malaria, dengue, and filariasis (also called elephantiasis). But do remember that for the most part they are only the transmitters, not the developers or originators of the diseases.
The Anopheles group of mosquitoes transmits the malaria parasites, and the Aedes group carries the dengue virus, while the Mansonia mosquitoes injects the worms of the filariasis disease.
But please do know, however, that not all of the species in the mosquito groups mentioned above spread the diseases, as some species don't have contact with humans and they only feed on animals. The prevalence of inclement weather in the country helps in their breeding where eggs are deposited in water, and once hatched, the larvae swim in the water before attaining adulthood.
Definitely a clean environment without stagnating waters will help in ensuring disease-free areas. Where moist conditions are prevalent, like the jungles and rain-forests, these mosquitoes and other bugs can be prevalent and they are indeed a nuisance or annoyance that we cannot avoid. That is why when trekking in forests of Malaysia it is advisable to wear long sleeved shirts with high collars and long pants to at least keep them from biting our exposed skin. And some form of insect repellants spread on the body are also used by some people to keep these annoying insects away.

This type of spray produces fine chemical droplets, which will allow the droplets to be suspended midair to kill flying mosquitoes. It is effective to control mosquitoes at a large compound area.
This application is used indoors where it creates a space filled with insecticide. The chemical droplets produced are extremely fine, and these enable the droplets to be suspended midair, covering a wide area. This method also allows the mosquitoes to make contact with the chemical more effectively.

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