General Pest Control


These are two main species of cockroach is America and German Cockroach.

Cockroach will feed on almost anything, including retuse, faeral matter and food for consumption. They also require access of water and will be generally  found in inaccessible harbourages. Close of water and food. Cockroaches can survive for several months without food, but not live for more than a few day without water.

                Solution :
  • Residual spray
  • Gel Baiting
  • Monotoring trap

 2. Rat

Rats have well developed senses of smell taste and touch. They have an acute sense of hearing, frequently using ultrasound to communicate and are particullarly sensitive to any sudden noise. Rat feed mostly at night and an average rat will eat 50g of food a day. Preffered foods are cereal products, although rat are omnivorous and will eat almost anything that human eat.

           Solution :
  • Baiting
  • Rat Station

3.  Flies

These are particularly dangerous insects as they carry bacteria and other harmful micro-organisms from the most filthy places onto our food. Files are responsible for causing clorea, dysentery, typhoid and other food-borne disease. Flies have the filfhy habit of regurgitating food from their gut as they feed, and excreting faeral pellets on the food. They are attracted by the outdoor of decaying organic matter where they breed and feed.

             Solution :

  • Files Catcher
  • ULV Misting

4. Ant

Ants have colonised almost every landmass on Earth. Their success in so many environments has been attributed to their social organisation and their ability to modify  habitats, tap resources and defend themselves. Hence, ant control can be very tricky.

Ants can enter through even the thiniest cracks on walls in search for food. Once food has been  located, they are able to unite their entire colony to carry back to their nest. To make things worst, their nest locations can be anywhere. And to top it off, each colony size can number up to 300,000 and above. Though ants do not carry disease, but some species does inflict painful bites when comes in contact or threatened.

                 Solution :

  • Residual
  • Baiting

5. Others

Our Solution :

Our pest inspection services can give you the peace of mind you are looking for. Our pest inspection services can guarantee year round protection of your family and home for harmful pests.

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