Office Hygiene

The office environment is relatively pleasant to the olfactory sense, but it does throw up some challenges now and then, such as the smell of microwaved food wafting out from the pantry or the strong aftershave of the guy in the next cubicle. You may be meticulous about your own personal hygiene but there is little you can do about the grimy buttons of the copier machine or the sticky door knobs.
At Office Hygiene Services, we recognise these hygiene challenges and we are committed to promoting a safe and healthy workplace, and protecting your employees and office equipment from the less hygienically-inclined individuals. We are strong proponents of good hygiene practices as this can lead to a healthier workplace, which could in turn lead to potentially less sick days taken and better productivity all round.
Elite Hygiene range of Office Hygiene Products includes:

  • Automatic electronic air freshener/disinfectant;
  • Scent diffuser;
  • Hand sanitiser;
  • Mosquito repellent; and
  • Fly catcher.

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